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Dear criminals, please stay away from Excelsior Springs

In recent weeks Excelsior Springs has landed on television news channels more than I care to admit.  If the news coverage had been in a positive light, then perhaps I wouldn’t be so distraught, but as most residents know, that has not been the case.

In recent headlines the community has seen (in no certain order) a juvenile who may or may not have attacked a nearby neighbor and reportedly stabbed her nearly 40 times. We have read or watched the discovery of a woman’s body in a gully, leading to the arrest of a man with local ties. Let us not forget the bank robbery, purse snatching, motorcycle accident near Crown Hill Road, the double television thefts from Walmart and any others I may have unintentionally left out.

It’s hard to call our usually quiet town home when the rest of the world (or at least those who watch Channel 4, 5 and 9) only know us by the not so positive headlines splashed in front of them for 30 seconds.

Its our job here at The Standard to keep our community informed of local news and although at times it was difficult to even want to print a story about the crimes listed above, we’ve still managed to do so.  The difference, you see, is that we care about our town and we have relationships with the people living here.  There is no sensationalized print media happening down here at the office.  We check facts, double check facts, and then check them again.  We’ve admittedly been wrong, but not very often.

Prior to printing a story that may put Excelsior in a not so favorable light, there is much discussion and consideration put into our efforts. With that being said, I’d like to ask people who are not from Excelsior Springs to pretty please commit crimes in their own towns?

Aside from the juvenile case and motorcycle accident (which was a blessing for the driver), these other cases have something in common. (And please remember the situation with the juvenile was a crime that shocked us all based on the rarity of the type of crime in our community).

In the arrest of the woman’s body found in the gully – he was from Florida, committed the crime in Florida, then made us look really bad when he decided to allegedly dump the body here in Excelsior.

The bank robbery… it’s the same way. The robbers allegedly cased a few different banks before deciding our branch was their best bet at making a little cash.  They came here from another town, another state for that matter, and again got us splashed all over the news.  It was just another case of negative publicity for our hometown not to mention the fear it put into several of our residents who were working, or banking at the time.

The double television theft from Walmart was committed by two criminals. In this case one thief did list Excelsior as her address, but the other was again from out of town.

How about the purse-snatcher at Aldi? In our paper we referred to it as a “Strong-Arm Robbery” or more specifically, a “purse snatching.” Guess what? Our police department believes the bozo, or the culprit in the case, is not from here either.

With all of that being said, I’d like to again ask criminals to pretty please stay away from Excelsior Springs.  We really don’t need your help.


By Jae Juarez •

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One Response to Dear criminals, please stay away from Excelsior Springs

  1. gary lafferty Reply

    October 29, 2014 at 4:16 pm

    My question is how much good is Job Core to community dose it bring in crime or is it money for city? Or cost city? I have know clue. Ask neighboring Kearney if they would be glad to have a job core? I doubt that. I am as Liberal as next guy. Many outsiders think crime comes with Job Core true or not. I think not but its not what I think ,its what outsiders think.

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