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Recently, I have been reading in the paper about the City of Excelsior Springs increasing their water and sewer rates.

I owned a home on Orrick Road in Excelsior Springs from August 30, 2012, to June 1, 2016. During this time, I paid a sewer fee on my water bill each month.

Once I discovered this, not having sewer access anywhere near the home, I started making calls to the City. I was told something different every time, even once was told that the City doesn’t give refunds. I even attempted to stop paying the sewer fee and just the remainder of the bill but was put on the water “shut off” list. I paid a sewer charge, monthly, the entire time I owned this home and never had access to sewer.

To my disbelief, I ran into the young lady that purchased the home from me, just this past weekend, and she explained that she also discovered she was being charged a sewer fee, about seven months of being in the home, and upon contacting the City, was given a credit toward her water bill and was therefore refunded in full.

Today, I am very concerned about the other residents of Excelsior Springs that have paid in the past and are still paying sewer fees, that don’t have access to the sewer system.

What is the City of Excelsior Springs doing with this money they have been collecting for years? I believe this affects many more people than me.

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