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Jack Hackley

Jack Hackley

October 27, 2017 – For many years, as a real estate broker, I specialized in the sale of farms. Sometimes, if the farm was not tillable, we would divide it in to ten acre tracts.

I had a farm for sale near I-70 just east of Bates City. I divided it into beautiful small tracts that backed up to a creek and a lot of trees. Ironically, the same weekend I advertised them in the Independence Examiner, Van Horn High School in Independence was integrated into the Kansas City School District. This meant Kansas City would be busing minorities to Van Horn School. Our office was located off I-70 at the Oak Grove intersection in a small farmhouse behind where Hardee’s and Waffle House are now. My secretary called early Saturday morning and said “You’d better get to the office. There are people waiting on you to see the ten acre tracts.”

They were all from the Van Horn School District wanting to get out of the city and buy a small tract of land. At one time I had a caravan of six cars following me to Bates City to see the farm. At six o’clock that evening I had sold all but one tract. It was almost dark when I was showing the last tract to a prospective buyer who told me he would take it. However, he said he wasn’t sure he could get financing since I was selling them for cash.

About that time we looked toward the road and here came a car bouncing across the pasture toward where we were standing. The guy parked his car, jumped out waving his arms hollering “I’ll take it, I’ll take it!” When I told him the gentleman I was talking to had already spoken for it. He started cussing and saying he had looked at it that morning and I had told him I would hold it. I was trying to figure out how I could reach a compromise, maybe flip a coin or something when he suddenly calmed down and offered the guy next to me $500 to go away. I probably set a record for the most sales by a real estate salesperson in one day. I also made a friend with the old boy that got the $500, equivalent to $2,000 today. As he was leaving he said, “Hackley, if you ever divide up another farm, call me.”

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