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Jesse Hall

Dear Editor:

This week marks the end of an era for the Excelsior Springs School District.  Jesse Hall will complete the final days of his career as a teacher and activities director and move to the green pastures of well-deserved retirement.

I wanted to take this opportunity to share with others just how much Mr. Hall has meant to me as a coach and to this district. Mr. Hall is the only activities director I have worked under as a head coach.  I can say without a doubt it has been one of the most profound learning experiences of my life. I have never known another person who, no matter what the situation, always tries to make sure the best interests of our students come first; always diverting attention away from himself to make every kid feel like a rock star.

Mr. Hall, through his many years, has received countless, cowardly anonymous letters complaining about coaches or his office.  Many of these direct personal attacks on his character or the character of one of his staff members, through it all I never saw him waiver in his commitment to protecting the kids. If you have attended school events in the last 20 years, there is no doubt you have seen Jesse Hall.  At these events he wasn’t standing on the railing or away from the action he was right in the middle of it all guiding the students, teaching them what it means to show good sportsmanship but still have team spirit.  That’s because he genuinely likes kids.

Under the guidance of Mr. Hall, we have seen many changes to our district; a new performing arts center, stadium and Miracle Field. He was instrumental in creating the Tiger Hall of Fame and bringing one of the largest community events to town with the Gregg Williams Tiger Golf Classic.

In my career, I have attended conferences, in-services, workshops and been asked to read books about how to become a better leader. None of that is necessary because I have had the advantage of being mentored by a great leader.  Mr. Hall has been supportive when times are rough, caring when life outside the job throws us curve balls, tough when we needed to be reminded of what our job really is and he has been an example of what it means to dedicate yourself to a place so that you leave it better than you found it.

On a personal note, Mr. Hall, enjoy your much deserved retirement.  You are leaving us in the able hands of another one of your pupils. You have worked very hard to teach us what the true purpose of our job really means and we will work equally as hard to live up to those expectations and standards. Thank you for your guidance, mentorship, trust and dedication. Your belief in this town and its’ patrons will not be forgotten.


Terri Irons

Head Volleyball Coach, Excelsior Springs High School

By Standard Staff •

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One Response to Jesse Hall

  1. ESHS Alumni Reply

    June 25, 2013 at 10:05 pm

    On behalf of the thousands who have been guided, mentored, touched, cared for by Coach Hall I want to personally thank him for all that he has done. It amazes me that time after time when I tell people I am from Excelsior Springs it seems like they always ask if I know Jesse Hall. He is simply amazing. Last week I sent him a note of congratulations via email. Within minutes I received back a response that was typical Coach Hall. He thanked me for being a good Dad and left me with a poem that I will cherish forever.

    Coach you always told us to leave the place better than we found it. Thanks for doing just that for TIGER COUNTRY!!!

    A Proud ESHS Alumni

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