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Court system unfair to grandparents rights

September 19, 2017

Dear Editor,

I write as a disheartened grandfather. I have been a part of this community most of my life. I’m known throughout my church and the community as a caring, loving, hardworking person.

Seven years ago, I was blessed with my first grandchild and ended up with two others. I retired from my job early and even moved into a 10 bedroom home to provide for my three grandchildren. I was their primary caregiver for most of their lives because my son and son’s girlfriend were unable and unwilling to do so on their own.

In 2014, my son’s girlfriend decides she wants to raise the three children herself. At first we fought over custody, but eventually we worked things out between us and she took the children. But, not long after that, my son’s girlfriend refused me all visitation rights. In October 2015, I went to court seeking grandparent’s rights. After two long years and thousands of dollars in legal fees, the court denied my request because at the time I didn’t have my grandkids in my life. That’s why I lost.

My son’s girlfriend continues to keep my grandchildren away from me, twisting the facts and saying I’m a threat to her kids. A polygraph test confirmed I was telling the truth, and her attempts to get a restraining order on me have failed because the courts don’t see me as a threat to my grandchildren. So why does my son’s girlfriend continue to defame me to her friends and all over social media? Why am I suddenly denied all access to my three grandkids when I raised them from birth?

My friends and my church know me and my history. I’m heartbroken that my son’s girlfriend has made these terrible accusations against me. I was hoping the court would see through her deception but they did not. The court system is unfair to grandparents and I’m disappointed that a parent can keep a loving grandparent from being a part of their grandchildren’s lives.


Wayne Gillispie, Sr.

Excelsior Springs

By Brian Rice •

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