To the editor:

In regards to the article by Eric Copeland, “ES Cultural Guild’s Cemetery Legends… A Tombstone Tour seeking volunteers,” what are they thinking?  A cemetery is a sacred place, not an entertainment field.

As for respect for all of the people buried there, a cemetery should only be used to pay tribute to a loved one and not be made a spectacle of.

My parents are both buried at Crown Hill and I don’t want people stumbling on and around their final resting place.

One idea might be to make headstones over at the high school’s parking lot and have your event held there.


A concerned descendent,

David L. Teat Sr.


The Excelsior Springs Cultural Guild responds: We will be treating the cemetery as a sacred place and making sure that the guided tours are not stepping on graves or showing any disrespect to those buried in the cemetery.  Our goal was to show honor to those who worked hard to build Excelsior Springs and in the process engage the History Club of the high school so that they would also understand the lives and history of these 13 people who will be honored.

Cars will not be parked in the cemetery nor will people be allowed to walk on their own as there will be a tour guide taking people who are interested in the history of Excelsior Springs’ former leaders.

Many communities around the area are doing or will be doing a similar event this year. We are sorry if some people feel that we are disrespecting their loved ones. The Cemetery Board gave permission for us to use the cemetery for this event and that no cars would be driving into the cemetery

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