To the editor:

Thank you, Eric Copeland, for your “op ed” on Tuesday, Nov. 12. You are on target! Yes, we all need to be aware of what we eat, but more time out-of-doors is also a requirement. Parents need to do good parenting. Do not purchase the pop, chips and candy. Do encourage youngsters to play outside. And hope you do not have a neighborhood “busybody” that will call social services complaining about children playing in their own yard “having no supervision.” This has happened in this town. How very sad! And yes, tell your children “NO” to watch television or play video games.

People in today’s society need to say “no” to many liberal ideas. Conservatives in the Missouri legislature are correct to reject more expansion of Medicaid. We hard working tax paying citizens are weary of being asked to pay more in taxes—our family’s budget is burdened to just stay ahead and pay our own bills.

– Donna L. James


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