To the editor:

In response to an article written about the “Duck Dynasty” by columnist Gene Lyons (“Duck Dynasty’s” Phil Robertson destined to fade into obscurity,” Jan. 3), I agree with a lot of things he said about the so-called “reality show.”

If that bunch is “reality” I must be living in another world—thank God.

For them to have the raw nerve to call gays, or anyone evil I believe they haven’t looked in the mirror recently. Not only are they offensive to the general public to look at but the things they quoted from the Bible are half-truths. I’m not trying to get “preachy” in what I’m about to say but the rest of the story from the Bible tells us Jesus Christ (God’s son) came to earth, died on the cross thereby taking all our sins from us and leaving us his holiness and the teacher, the Holy Spirit to teach us how to be holy. Christ was raised from death (Easter time) and lived at the right hand of God the Father to intercede for us if we make mistakes and they are all forgiven by the spilled blood of Christ.

Christ died for all men before we were even born and man has no right to judge any man for the life he may live. That judgment belongs only to God!

Our job is to love and forgive all men! Thereby fulfilling the whole law of God.

Even ridiculously bearded duck hunters which in my sight should make the people of the south ashamed.

It’s all right to be a redneck! At least they are honest in their misunderstanding of words and thoughts. Otherwise they are who they are.

I believe if people want to grow ridiculous bears that’s their right but if they pretend to be preachers and quote from the Bible then they should quote the whole story!

Gay people, black people, Jews, yellow, brown, purple polka-dotted or white people all have the right to believe in and accept Jesus Christ for forgiveness of sin.

It’s not up to man to decide what those sins are. Not even funny bearded men.

If this article I’m writing is politically incorrect then so be it!

Sometimes “political, schmolitical” there are things and truths that have to be said.

God bless you Mr. Lyons. Keep on telling it like it is!

— Norma Perkins


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