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Letter to the Editor

I think the residents of Excelsior Springs are getting sick and tired of the City water bills going up every time the water department needs more money. They want the residents to pay for all the new trucks and cars they have. They should cut the budget instead of making the residents, some of whom are on a fixed budget, pay more for water.

We all need to be at the meeting on Monday, June 17 and say, enough is enough. A 40% increase? No way!

I think Excelsior Springs has one of the highest water bills in the area now. If they keep this up people will move out of Excelsior!

There was a lady at the meeting on Monday, June 3 who said her family could live in another city and pay a lot less than they do now in Excelsior but they like it here and really don’t want to move. However, they will if increases keep coming like they are doing now. Now, the City is proposing this 40% increase.

We really need to say we have had enough already. Join me and my friends and neighbors at the meeting on Monday, June 17 at 6 p.m. Be there or we will be paying more for water, you can count on that.

The City Council members will vote yes on this increase, I can almost guarantee that.

Please help stop the increase by being at the meeting on Monday, June 17. I’m retired and on a fixed budget. Don’t make me and my wife choose between water or medicine.

Hope to see the Council room packed on the 17th.

Thank you all and God bless.

Jerry Smith

Excelsior Springs

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