Dear Editor:

I would like to voice my displeasure at the lack of thought placed into the scaled back version of the current Community Center proposal.

No one has considered what the Rainbow Swim Club and Tiger Shark Swim Team has been requesting for over 15 years now. This private pool is over 50 years old and has been limping along using a mostly volunteer staff (only the lifeguards get paid) begging for the city to either take over the pool and refurbish it or to build a new indoor pool so they can close Rainbow.

As a Rainbow pool member and Tiger Shark Swim Team participant the largest disappointment to me is the proposed aquatic facilities that will not meet the needs for swim lessons or for swim team. The minimum requirements needed to teach swim lessons and have a swim team would be a 5 feet deep 25 meter 4 lane pool. Most would prefer a 6 feet deep 25 meter 6 lane pool including a small “deep end” (12 feet deep) with a diving board. We would have also liked to have kept the outdoor zero entry and lazy river for summer fun.

There seems to be redundant and unneeded areas in the facility. Such as the aerobic room (use the multipurpose/gym the Community


Center will have); community rental rooms (use the community

rooms downtown that are available such as the Good Samaritan basement, it even has a kitchen, or Montgomery center and a couple of others); the high school has a weight room and an exercise room complete with tread mills and stair steps; and Anytime Fitness offers the same for a very reasonable price.

As I look at the proposed costs for running the facility I wonder if anybody has considered seeking volunteers for any portion of running the facility. For childcare the Child Development class from the high school could volunteer an hour in the morning for people who come to aerobics classes. The A+ students seeking volunteer hours could do so for evening aerobics, answering phones, custodial and grounds maintenance. I currently volunteer my time to teach swim lessons at Rainbow (the money paid for swim lessons goes directly to pool chemicals and paying lifeguards). Volunteers would cut the cost of paying some part time workers.

I would like to see Anytime Fitness partnering with the Community Center possibly teaching larger aerobic classes, water aerobics, and arthritis water work outs.

Jennifer Thomas

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