Dear Editor,

As a grandfather, I waited almost three hours and didn’t get to watch my grandson wrestle at the Excelsior Springs Youth Wrestling Classic Tournament.

It was held Sunday, Jan. 18 at the high school.

The published start time was 9 a.m. It was after 10:30 a.m., before the wrestling finally began.

I paid $4 for admission. I have never asked for a gate fee back, but I did this time at the payment table by the door when I left.

Just before noon I finally had to go, to photo-shoot a 90-year-old birthday gathering for an uncle.

This was not a well-organized and planned event – at least on the wrestling floor area.

Coordination with the football team concession, the vendor booths and other areas were very well coordinated.

I don’t still want my money back – it certainly goes to a good cause. But I’m not going to attend the Excelsior youth wrestling tournament again.

People stand at the rail in the gym when their sons are competing, blocking the views of all in the stands.

I had to ask people several times to sit down on the floor by the rail, so we could see from the stands.

No Excelsior youth wrestling organizers, try to make sure parents and kids don’t stand at the rail. Doing so would allow elderly to view the floor wrestling, from the bleacher seats.

My thoughts on grandparent attendance to Excelsior youth wrestling tournaments, are to just find out how your grandson did when he comes back home.

There are many other wrestling tournaments and competitions to attend, where you can see much better, and get your $4 worth.

– Kenny Ragland, proud grandparent of a 6-year-old ‘wrassler.


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