Dear Editor,


I hope you’ll read this even if you are not a golf enthusiast – the issue deserves your attention.  If you do play golf, I hope you will be as outraged as I am.

Excelsior Springs Golf Course hosted its first men’s league last year; it was a great terrific success!  Although I would have preferred women to have been allowed (I believe golf is a sport to be enjoyed by all people), handicaps were used to allow male golfers of various levels to participate.  The field contained a wide-variety of golfers ranging from near-pros with perfect swings  all the way down to high-handicappers (like me) who feel great joy with a score of double bogey.  The pace of play was fast (high-handicappers moved quickly to avoid holding up others), the handicapping system worked like a charm, and great fun was had by all…or so I thought.

Sadly, discrimination is the new focus of the men’s golf league.  Handicaps greater than 12 (and all the money they generate) are no longer accepted in the league.  Sure, technically the league will allow high handicap golfers to play while restricting the handicap to just 12, but that’s simply not fair, fun, or what golf is all about.  I fear what the men’s league has in store!  Women and high-handicappers have already been banned from Excelsior Springs men’s league, so I wonder what’s next?  Perhaps a ban on African American players? How about those under 30 or over 60? Or maybe, just maybe, a “Members Only” club cloaked in absolute secrecy would be fun for the league?

Haven’t we learned from the past?  Diversity in all forms should be welcomed, especially when taxes pay at least part of the bill.  Taxpayers should insist that a public golf course league accept all golfers regardless of their race, gender, age, or yes, even handicap.  Excelsior Springs Golf Course is not a country club and its time to stop the elitist from discrimination – golf handicap or otherwise.  What happens next is up to “the rest of us” (the majority of us who are not welcomed to play golf in the Excelsior Springs Golf Course Men’s League). Country club elitist have overtaken the formerly friendly golf course and are happy to spend your tax dollars on themselves only…should we all be outraged?  Yes!

-Dr. William Allen, Ph.D.


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