Dear Editor,

Citizens of Excelsior Springs it is time for us to stand up for our community because our future is at hand.  After reading other opinions against the proposed community center, I have decided to express an affirmative viewpoint for the community center proposition.  It is a BIG IDEA and we need BIG IDEAS to flourish and grow as a community!  It is with enthusiasm and anticipation that I am asking everyone to VOTE YES for the Excelsior Springs Community Center next Tuesday on April 8!!

First, let me say that I am a life long resident of Excelsior Springs.  I swam at Lake Maurer and took swim lessons at the Hall of Waters in my youth. Sometimes I think we forget that when our community had those wonderful recreation areas that our city forefathers paid to have them available for us. Just a reminder, as a kid I paid every time I went swimming, roller skating or took swim lessons.  Nothing was free then and today it is no different.  New community centers north and south of the river all charge memberships and for usage. Most centers charge more to use them if an individual does not live in the city limits.  This will NOT be true of our new community center. No matter where you live the fees will be the same for everyone using it.  While the fee charges have not been permanently set the pay options are reasonable. Individuals can pay daily, monthly or yearly.  It will be up to each family to decide what is best for them. We don’t need to live in the past we need to “pay forward” for our citizens just like our forefathers did and provide health conscience entertainment for all ages!

Some individuals want to constantly compare Excelsior Springs with other communities and express that we cannot have what they have.  I am totally opposed to that way of thinking!!! We not only need a community center we deserve it!  I prefer to take the attitude that we don’t need to be compared to any other city rather we can be the best and have others looking to us for entertainment, shopping and a place to live. A new state of the art community center will help to increase our economic growth, boost our property values and raise our quality of living for all ages young and old.

I would also like to address the issue of the outdoor pool. I want to go on record that I want an outdoor pool! I paid to join Rainbow Pool and then paid yearly fees to maintain my membership for many years so my children would have a place to swim. That said I also know that community centers are not just about swimming pools. Pools are an important part but all ages of citizens deserve different forms of recreation and socialization. Today’s community centers provide this for their members.   It is clear to me that the Community Center Steering Committee developed a center for all citizens to have activities to enjoy. Because of building costs the outdoor pool has been put in the second phase of building. Let us not forget that there is a beautiful indoor year round pool in the building plan.  This pool will allow endless hours all year long for water fun, swim exercise, and much needed swim lessons for countless individuals in our area.  The outdoor pool will come next and we will have time to plan the kind of pool it will be.

I want to say a sincere THANK YOU to all the individuals who have brought the community center proposal to fruition.  Thank you Carolyn Schutte (past Mayor) for dreaming the big dream and establishing the original steering committee.  Thank you to everyone who has served on the steering committee over the past 3½ years. Your hard work, planning, tenacity, and perseverance have made such a difference. We know you did not get paid to do this. It is because of your community passion that this has happened! As a committee along with the city government you have hired an excellent architect firm and a business group to develop a plan that will work for Excelsior Springs. Thank you City Council and City Manager for going to the next level to support and promote this huge project and seeing that this proposal will be on our ballot April 8!!! This is the first time it has reached the ballot form and we have you to thank for that.

Now it’s is up to every citizen to get on board, be positive and VOTE YES for the good

of our community! We do not have to take a back seat to any other city. Let’s be positive not negative!! Let’s be civic minded and VOTE for our future! This city was built on the concept of healthy living. A new community center will move us forward to a continual revitalization for Excelsior Springs.

Be proud!! Be positive!! VOTE YES FOR THE COMMUNITY CENTER!!!

Joyce Green

Life Long Resident of Ex. Spgs.

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