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Chimpanzees for rent?

I just heard the story of some chimps getting out of their normal area at the KC Zoo. When I heard the great heights they could possibly climb I thought about the huge broken limb I saw on a tree as I walked on the walk area from the starting sign of Linear Park. When I stopped my walker and looked up and around our poor old dead looking trees I was suddenly aware of a huge broken limb held up only by lying on another limb.

I can’t imagine what has held it there through all the strong winds that come through this area. Maybe we could find a cowboy who’s really good with a rope. He’d have to be able to throw his rope straight up to rope that sucker and pull it down or maybe we could run some sort of contest to see who the best limb-roping cowboy out of 3 could be? Of course they would have to furnish their own hard hats!

Or we could get desperate and have our fire truck drive on that area, extend the ladder and get that sucker out of the tree before it falls on someone’s head and injures or kills.

If you don’t believe the seriousness of the situation just take your chances and stand under the tree with the most moss on it and look straight up! Surprise! Yeah that’s what I thought!

I would suggest the city get that tree limb down, plus clean out the rest of the dead trees on the Linear walking area but I know how busy they are widening all the curbs in town for the school buses to get around. It’s annoying to me how many houses and land the city has accessed so they could get buses around the curves. Either the buses have gotten a lot longer or maybe the drivers need a little more driving lessons. Ya think? Something’s wrong with this picture!

Norma Perkins

P.S. I don’t mean any bad things about our school bus drivers. Believe me I could never do their jobs. God bless them. It’s just that everywhere in town something’s being dug up! Honestly, what gives? I would love to hear from the city about what’s really going on.

Wouldn’t you?

– Norma Perkins

Editor’s note: We contacted various city officials about this situation. Public Works Director Chad Birdsong said that the park department would likely be responsible for maintaining trees in that area, and Parks and Recreation Director Katie Noyd said she was aware of a dead tree in that vicinity but would check on it to make sure they addressed all the problems.

Both of them said the first step in a situation like this would be to contact city officials to tell them about a problem such as this one.

With regard to the digging going on around town, the city and some contractors are upgrading water lines and improving the sewer system. Watch in The Standard soon for an update on the progress on those fronts.


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