Dear Editor,

Eric Copeland provided a fair and informative article on the Community Center open house at ES High School on Wednesday night (Feb. 12, coverage in Friday, Feb. 14, edition).

The important question about the proposed Community Center is not whether it will be approved by the voters, but whether the population of Excelsior Springs will support it.

The following is the arithmetic that might answer the prior question. The data is from the U.S. Census Bureau.

Households: Excelsior Springs—4,355; Liberty—10,656

Income per Household: Excelsior Springs—$45,934; Liberty—$64,848

Total Income for Households: Excelsior Springs—$200,042,570; Liberty—$691,102,288

Operating Budge for Community Center: Excelsior Springs*—$1,000,000; Liberty—$1,500,000

• No operating budget exists for the Excelsior Springs Proposed Community Center so the following data was used. The Liberty Community Center has a staff of 10 people, plus part time personnel. The illustration of the proposed Excelsior Springs Community Center indicated six amenities would be available: Aerobics, Weights & Cardio, Aquatics, Community Rooms, Child Care and a Gymnasium. There would also need to be an administrator for a total of 7 staff people. If you have 70% of the Liberty Community Center staff you should have 70% of the budget.

Dividing the Operating Budget of $1,000,000 for the Excelsior Springs Community Center by the Total Household Income equals 0.002.

Dividing the Operating Budget of $1,500,000 for the Liberty Community Center by the Total Household Income equals 0.005.

The results (i.e., 0.002 and 0.005) mean that the population of Excelsior Springs would need to spend 2.5 times as much of their income on operating a Community Center as Liberty residents do. I really doubt that will happen.

If other demographic data is compared the likelihood of support is even less likely. I am undecided at this time. I hope the presentation at the next open house will convince me that Excelsior Springs will sustain a Community Center so I do not vote NO.

I am in favor of growth, but it should be done on a sound foundation.

– Brent Beckett

Migrant from California

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