Letter to the Editor:

I had an experience a few days ago that I had been dreading for quite some time. I had a dear friend and companion for fourteen years by the name of Bailey. Most of the people who knew me knew that I was pretty crazy about him. If you are an animal lover then you can identify with what I am saying.

We would go on long walks together and always received compliments on how pretty he has. Several months ago the ice cream truck with its redundant tunes turned down Cypress St. where we were walking. The driver turned off the music and announced over the microphone, “you sure have a beautiful dog.” Well you would have thought he was bragging on one of my grandchildren, I was so proud. Over the next few months the walks became shorter and less often. Bailey was sleeping most of the days and nights and in between the walks. Finally it became necessary to visit the Ex. Spgs. Animal Hospital. Poor Dr. Rucker had to not only contend with two brokenhearted and crying females, he had to end the life of the object of their affection.

I just want to publicly thank him for the way he handled the situation. With his professionalism and compassion he put our hearts at ease and made a sad situation a bearable one. I know he goes above and beyond for all those precious animals that  mean so much to all of us and also for the animals that he restores to the wild.

Thank you, Dr. Rucker, for your service to this community.

-Sharon and Nikki Marriott


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