To the editor:

This is the 9th day of September, 8:30 p.m. I just received a call from a reader who thought I was objecting to helping small children and others from being slaughtered by poisonous gases (Letter to the editor, Sept. 9)! My objection was about jumping into another war without even thinking about it but most of all not talking to God first. Then considering our servicemen, who some of them are still in Afghanistan, before sending more men to war.

Yes, if my children and loved ones were being slaughtered like the precious innocents in Syria, of course I would want someone to help us! That’s the simple way to look at the present situation. The world is not only forcing the possibility of poisonous gases but of nuclear warfare if decisions are made too hastily and in the wrong way.

I’ve lived through six wars counting the short lived desert wars.

One of my sons served in both of these last wars and he is still haunted by the thought of how many innocents may have been killed because of the missiles that were aimed at the enemy.

I have always been proud of all our servicemen and women and the thought of them having to get into the middle of a civil war where the leader of the people, Assad, evidently doesn’t care how many of his people get slaughtered as long as he is the “big cheese.”

Yes, I was angry, scared and jumping the gun for all people everywhere!

I’m a great believer in prayer to God Almighty about everything and I believe America should get back in the habit of seeking God and putting Him first.

I believe Assad should be held accountable for his atrocious sin against mankind.

I heard President Obama’s speech this evening as I hope everyone did. He made a lot of sense and I believe at this time in our world he did the right thing to consult other countries to try and get this situation done with all wisdom. Since we are not the lone policemen of the world he did well to consult other countries. He abated my anger and I say as he did, God bless America!

-Norma Perkins

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