Letter to the Editor:

My husband and I attended the local football game last Friday night, Sept. 6 at Tiger Stadium. I was very impressed with the conduct of the students who were in the stands where we sat. Several young teens and preteens had to pass in front of us as they moved from their seats, and every time each one said “excuse me”. A young boy about third or fourth grade walked in front of the gentleman seated in the row behind us, and as he passed in front of the man he said, “Pardon me, sir.” This behavior continued throughout the evening. I have never seen such courtesy at a football game here before. I salute the parents and teachers for teaching respect and good manners.

Another thing that impressed me was the members of the high school band and flags. I loved their enthusiasm and their teacher’s enthusiasm which was contagious! It was fun to see them doing “the wave” and cheers during the game. They would have been very warm in their uniforms, but were clearly having fun. Their halftime performance was excellent and well organized. Their formations were crisp.

The cheerleaders were very active and stayed together very well. Danielle Hankins had done a good job of helping them prepare for the first home game, and they seemed to enjoy what they were doing. The Tigerettes were prepared and put on a great halftime performance as well. All the enthusiasm shown by these groups made the game even more fun to watch.

The football players played hard and pushed themselves right up to the end of the game.

At the end of the game I was touched by the cheerleaders, Tigerettes, and band making a semicircle around the players and all sang the alma mater. What a great show of unity!

Thanks to everyone involved for a great evening!

– Sharon Senger


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