Jack Hackley

December 8, 2017 – Politics has always been my hobby, I have never missed a vote since I was 21. It probably goes back to my dad who also never missed a vote. We lived on a farm north of Oak Grove in Jackson County. Back then, the road over-seer, which was a lucrative political job, was normally the committeeman. He would come around before every election, hand my dad a sample ballot, and say, “This is the way we are voting this year.” And then he would say, “Shorty, (my dad’s nickname) looks like your driveway needs a little gravel.” The next day here would come a county dump truck and our driveway would have fresh gravel. Of course, that’s not the way politics work today, at least not at the voter level.

I have served as a county committeeman, state committeeman, on the state executive board, honorary colonel on Governor Hearnes’ staff, and the only (gravel) reward I have ever received was the prestige of knowing our democratic state officials, governors and senators, on a first name basis.

In 1968, I was Bill Morris’ campaign coordinator when he ran for Lt. Governor. One morning we were having coffee in Sedalia when a state patrolman came up and shook hands with Morris. When he walked away, Morris had a folded one hundred dollar bill in his hand, which was a lot of money back then. He said, “Quick, Hackley, go get the name of our next Superintendent of Patrol.” Of course, he was joking.

I had a political rally in Blue Springs for Jay Nixon when he ran an unsuccessful campaign for Senate. I had just gotten through telling him if he needed any help or advice, to call me. He then said, “There is one thing I would like to know.”

Gee, I thought, here the Attorney General of the State of Missouri is asking me for advice. I said, “What’s that, Jay?” And he replied, “Just where are the restrooms in this place, anyhow?”

So much for being important.

Jack can be reached at PO Box 40, Oak Grove, MO 64075 or jackremembers@aol.com.  Visit www.jackremembers.com

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