Remember the names

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I can still name all the victims of the Columbine tragedy. I remember the step-dad of Rachel Joy Scott said he remembered the names of serial killers, but not the victims. He expressed fear Rachel would be forgotten. At that moment, I swore she would not be … at least by me.   


The year before a shooting took place in a middle school near Jonesboro, Arkansas. I lived a couple hours away at the time, but I remember the fear and shock that occurred throughout the state.   


Since then, I’ve read about journalists killed for doing their job. I saw coverage of shooting taking place in YouTube’s offices. I’ve met someone who knew the Virginia Tech shooter and saw how that tragedy impacted her life. I read books written by parents of shooters. I know the grandmother of a boy who survived a shooting in Indiana.  


Now, a shooting occurred at a newspaper in Maryland.  


It seems the focus always turns to gun control. Debates spring up everywhere. Those who want to buy any firearm argue with those who want more laws. This column is not about that. I want to remember the victims. I want to see their names in print. I want to remember the human lives ended in tragedy.  


Yes, I think something needs to be done. Yes, I want the violence to end. Right now, let’s just reflect on the names. Maybe it’ll help.  


Gerald Fischman, editorial page editor  

Rob Hiaasen, editor and a features columnist  

John McNamara, sports reporter and editor  

Rebecca Smith, sales assistant  

Wendi Winters, local news  

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