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Removal of flowers from cemetery vases disrespectful to families, deceased

To the Editor:

As a concerned citizen, I have reached out to the City of Excelsior Springs women in charge of clean-ups and mowing of the cemeteries.

In several arguments, I have asked her why is it that they removed flowers out of vases and hanging items off of the head stones.

She said they have the right to remove them, but what gives them the right to remove flowers out of vases and decide if they are outdated?

Please, I’m asking help from anyone on a board in Excelsior Springs to put a meeting together and help others to stop them from removing flowers out of vases.

I can understand if they are in the way of mowers, but really, not from vases.

This is a way we express our love for our loved ones. They will always be in our heart, but please help me and any others who have this concern.

Thank you.

Shelly Baker

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