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Senseless crime, bored perpetrators… I’m moving to the mountains

I’ve been following several interesting stories over the past few weeks, mostly because I’m outraged at what young criminals have had to say about their indiscretions.  Let’s start with a news story that hits close to home for around 20 business owners right here in Excelsior Springs.

Back in December The Standard first reported about the shattering of windows belonging to business owners here in town when Brown’s Pharmacy, King of Kash and Westlake Ace Hardware employees and owners reported their troubles to the Excelsior Springs Police Department.  It appeared as though there were pellet gun holes in each of the businesses’ windows.  Over the next week or so the senseless pellet gun shootings had claimed the storefront windows and/or doors of nearly 20 businesses throughout Crown Hill, the Y Shopping Center and the high school.

ESPD had their hands full making reports and finding a suspect but due to the quick thinking of one of our public servicemen an arrest was soon made.  Here’s the kicker… Do you know why the two young men arrested for the case were shooting out the windows of our hard working businessmen and women?  They were BORED!

Yes, in an interview with ESPD, one of the suspects stated that the reason they drove around town causing thousands of dollars worth of damage was because they were just plain old bored.  Now, prosecutors are adding up the amount of damages so that they can be charged.  Gosh, I hope they’re not “bored” in jail.

I know most of you have probably read or seen the latest story involving the death of a good Samaritan from Liberty, Mark Thomas.  Prosecutors have charged a 20-year old male with first-degree murder, three counts of armed criminal action and one count of kidnapping. His partner in crime, a minor, has also been charged in the homicide.

According to reports, Thomas gave the two suspects a ride home last Friday.  Just acting as a good Samaritan, Thomas’ life was cut short when the two people he was helping forced him to pull over, hit him in the head with an unknown object, then took him to a park restroom near Smithville Lake where they dumped his body.  In total the two made off with $200 in exchange for Thomas’ life, which is what authorities discovered after finding that Thomas’ ATM card was used at several locations throughout his torturous drive.

Same as the BB gun story, these two were apparently bored as well. In a written statement to police, the older suspect wrote that “the torture was senseless,” referring to what they did to the victim.  Wow, how profound!  I’m sure they’re thinking it’s senseless now that they will hopefully be in prison for the rest of their lives.

I find it curious that in both cases the perpetrators caused irreparable damage and acted as if they didn’t have anything else better to do with their time.  I say it’s high time our youth learn the value of a dollar and the importance of another life. If the two men who killed Thomas did so and only got $200, does that mean they didn’t want to work for their money?  What about the BB gun vandals?  Did they not realize how much a window costs?

I’m sure these are questions that will remain unanswered but again, I’m aghast at our future leaders of America. Certainly there’s more good than bad out there, but after reading headlines day in and day out, I’m almost speechless.  It makes me sick to my stomach, which I’m sure is only half of what the Thomas family is feeling or the business owners replacing their broken windows.  These are only two examples in a world that’s spinning out of control.  I think I’ll start stockpiling rations and when things are completely out of control and I’ve lost all faith in humanity, my family and I will move to the mountains where we can be safe from the craziness that’s unfolding right here before our very own eyes.

By Jae Juarez •

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