Support for 3

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Support for 3

Fri, 10/30/2020 - 03:52
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We have seen a great deal of misinformation circulating around Amendment 3, which will be on the November ballot. In reality, this measure is an attempt by out-of-state special interests to influence the drawing of legislative districts in our state. The redistricting proposal put forth two years ago isn’t a Missouri idea, and it’s disingenuous to portray it as such. On the contrary, Amendment 3 is a proposal that was developed and written by Missourians. This proposal will give voters the opportunity to truly clean up Missouri politics.

Amendment 3 will actually do what “Clean Missouri” promised; it bans gifts from paid lobbyists to legislators and their employees and it puts real caps on legislative campaign contributors. Even more importantly, it will return Missouri to a redistricting process similar to the process that served the state very well for years. It will bring back House and Senate bipartisan citizen commissions charged with drawing respective legislative districts. The commissions will consist of 20 total members requesting both major parties and all congressional districts. This ensures the interest of all Missourians will be heard.

We urge our fellow Missourians to support Amendment 3 to truly clean up Missouri politics and end political gerrymandering. Let’s stand up to the out-of-state interests and let them know that Missouri’s legislative districts can’t be sold to the highest bidder.