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C-Team battles back against the ‘other Tigers’

Defensively the C-team Tigers are getting better and better with each game they play.  The freshmen team finally had everyone healthy and on the field for the first time all season.  Although things started off a little shaky during Monday’s game against Smith-Cotton, the Tigers responded well to the adversity and battled back against the “other Tiger” team.  At their own Tiger Stadium the Excelsior Springs Tiger team fell 42-20 to the Sedalia freshman team.

According to assistant coach Ryan Dahm, the second quarter was the best football game, offensively and defensively, that the boys have played all year. “We made stops defensively led by great pressure from our defensive line, as well as great tackling by our linebackers.  Offensively we put some drives together and put the ball in the end zone,” Dahm said.  “Our efforts at the comeback climaxed with a kickoff returned for a touchdown by Connor Creason, followed by a defensive stop and a long touchdown drive to bring us within two at the half.”

The freshman team still has three games left in their season, with the next game set for this coming Monday, Oct. 14, on the road at Grain Valley.  Though the Tigers have had their ups and downs all year there is still a lot of talent on the team.  Dahm said it is just a matter of time before the C-team Tigers take a step to the next level and put a great, complete game together.

By Jae Juarez •

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