August 31, 2018—The Excelsior Springs Cross-Country participated in a jamboree Monday with teams from Grain Valley, Fort Osage and Cameron. 

The cross-country teams ran a two-mile race in their respective divisions at the Osage Trail in Independence.

Head Coach Brian Smarker said the results showed all the hard work from practice.

“All of the returning veterans who participated exceeded their goal times at the one-mile split based on where they left off at the end of last season. It is nice to see them improving instead of falling back and having to play catch-up,” he said. “For the new runners, there were some expectations based on performances at practice and the hardest workers did not let us down. Their practices are paying off.”

Junior Michael Rebello finished the boys’ race first with a time of 10:37.25. Fort Osage junior Michael Reddick finished second with a time of 10:38.70 with Grain Valley sophomore Collin Clemens third at 10:45.55.

Liam Greim crosses the finish line. Greim placed first in the boys’ event. SUBMITTED PHOTO

ESHS junior Liam Greim finished 25th with a time of 12:47.47 with freshman Tyler Rumore following, finishing at 12:52.52. Sophomore Caleb Hatfield finished 36th at 13:52.69 and junior Zane Lohman finished in 42nd place with a time of 14:18.57. Sophomores Ben Starkebaum and Jacob Steele finished at 58th and 60th respectively with times of 16:39.43 and 17:03.75.

In the girls’ race, Grain Valley freshman Ella Casey placed first with a time of 12:23.70. Fort Osage senior Brooklyne Sederwall finished second with a time of 13:10.41 and Grain Valley sophomore Alaina Valverde placing third at 13:32.98.

ESHS freshman Jacey Brewer and sophomore Zacalen Lohman finished 12th and 13th with times of 14:41.96 ad 15:12.39 respectively with freshman Macey Chaney finishing 18th at 15:47.36. Freshman Kylie Albertson placed 24th with a time of 16:49.24 and freshman Breanna Williams finished 31st at 19:21.71. Freshman Danica Wilson, sophomore Beth Stroble and freshman Raelee Keller finishing out at 33rd, 34th and 36th place with times of 21:57.47, 23:30.73 and 26:27.98.

Smarker said he hopes his teams take away the lessons they learned from this race. 

“It was a very hot and muggy morning, so hopefully the newer athletes realize that it is vitally important to be acclimated to any type of weather conditions and that hydration is extremely important,” he said. “It also looks like a few of the newer runners need to continue building their endurance, no matter what the weather is.”

The cross-country team will race next at the Liberty Invitational at the Warrior’s Best Friend course in Kansas City on Sept. 1.

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