February 16, 2018 – Senior Peyton Soria reached a career high of over 1,000 points and broke the Excelsior Springs High School’s record for the most three-pointers.

Basketball head coach Chad Wright has enjoyed coaching all of his players, but for him, Soria stands out.

Soria has a gift for scoring and makes the game fun from a coaching standpoint, Wright explained. Soria also gives the team more options when preparing for opponents, leading the team to success. Soria has put in four years of work in multiple sports, the weight room and in the classroom. His dedication to matters off the court leads him to success on the court.

Senior Peyton Soria recently broke the record for three-pointers.

In a recent matchup between the Excelsior Springs Tigers and Oak Grove Panthers, Soria hit his 1000th career point. He now stands at 1,023 career points and now holds the school record for 92 three-pointers. With the season not yet ended, there is still time for Soria to expand the digits in both those categories.

Wright explained why having a good team is the key to Soria’s success.

“We all feed off of each other. Basketball is just one of those sports where you have a long season, and having teammates that get along with each other, buy into the game plan and bring a high level of energy and performance every day, helps us get better as a whole,” stated Wright.

Wright is proud of the effort and charisma Soria brings to the team.

“Scoring 1,000 points is a benchmark for any great scorer at the high school level. This is my 17th year as a high school coach, and I have had only three other players reach this mark in their careers,” Wright said.  “I think it shows that, most importantly, Soria has had great teammates, his teammates trust him with the ball and Soria has put in the extra work to improve his game and become a prolific scorer.”

“It feels pretty good,” Soria said, when asked how he felt about his achievement. “It’s one of my biggest accomplishments throughout my high school experience. A lot of it has to do with my teammates trusting me with the ball and giving me good passes when I’m open. It was awesome to see everyone at the game recognize me for my accomplishment. I felt like they were hiding this from me the whole time, because I didn’t find out about the three-pointers till they announced.”



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