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Excelsior Springs Standard March Madness Competition

Excelsior Springs Standard March Madness Champion is bracket, craneum71 4.

April 2 – Here are the top ten brackets after the championship game

1st craneum71 4

2nd jettrivera 10

3rd mrcarl4734986 11

3rd TWerle4

3rd mrcarl4734986 14

3rd mrcarl4734986 20

7th beast 4 12 15 1

8th TBBTFan724 #1

9th mrcarl4734986 4

10th jettrivera 16

10th Caitlin2037 1

10th 72Chevelle

March 31 Here are the top ten brackets after the final four

1st mrcarl4734986 4

2nd craneum71 4

3rd marla 1

4th jettrivera 10

4th Hunter Houseworth

6th Hunter Houseworth

6th TWerle4

6th mrcarl4734986 11

6th mrcarl4734986 14

6th mrcarl4734986 20

6th SIJASiege

6th TWerle2

6th mrcarl4734986 9

6th mrcarl4734986 22

6th mrcarl4734986 23

6th jettrivera 22

March 26, 2018 – Here are the top ten brackets after the elite eight

1st Hunter Houseworth

1st craneum71 4

3rd marla 1

3rd mrcarl4734986 5

5th mrcarl4734986 6

6th mrcarl4734986 7

7th mrcarl4734986 4

7th browne78 3

7th Spearshipp

10th Hunter Houseworth

10th jettrivera 10

10th jettrivera 7

10th ESStandardMicky

10th Bozcat 1

10th Sferdig 1

March 23, 2018 – Here are the top ten brackets after sweet 16

1st mrcarl4734986 7

2nd Hunter Houseworth

2nd craneum71 4

4th mrcarl4734986 5

5th mrcarl4734986 6

5th mrcarl4734986 3

7th Hunter Houseworth

7th ZaneLohman

9th GannonBoone

10th mrcarl4734986 4

10th browne78 3

10th ESPNFAN7944425822

10th GoldenSiegeworks

10th Spearshipp

March 19, 2018 – Here are the top ten brackets after round 64 and round 32

1st Hunter Houseworth

1st Hunter Houseworth

1st Zane Lohman

4th mrcarl4734986 7

4th Caitlin2037

6th mrcarl4734986 4

6th browne78

6th ESPNFAN7944425822

6th Spearshipp

10th jettrivera 3

10th 2ChevelleSpearshipp

10th jettrivera 14

10th mrcarl4734986 6

10th BombayBeast

10th mrcarl4734986 3

10th Hunter Houseworth

March 12, 2018 – The Excelsior Springs Standard is teaming up with ESPN for a March Madness competition. This is open to anyone in the community of Excelsior Springs and surrounding areas, and the winner will receive a $50 cash prize – along with bragging rights.

Brackets will need to be completed before Thursday, March 15, and participants should attach their full name to their bracket. If your full name is already taken, please find a username that is closest to your name.

Individuals also have the option to submit as many brackets as they want, in order to better their chances. Just don’t copy your brackets. The Standard will be posting the top three contestants after each round of play. And remember – the final winner of the bracket will receive a $50 prize.

Fill out your bracket here: ExcelsiorSpringsStandardMarchMadness and make sure you share with your friends.

Let the games begin!

By Gannon Boone •

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