September 28, 2018—The Excelsior Springs High School Lady Tigers Volleyball Team move to a 13-2 season with wins against Harrisonville and St. Joseph Benton and a loss against Oak Grove.

The Tigers traveled to Harrisonville Tuesday to play the Wildcats. Head Coach Terri Irons said the Tigers played well.

“(Junior) Aubrey Burton made some great net saves, (sophomore) Madison Krier was really good in coverage and made some great saves,” she said. “(Senior) Rece Rainey and (junior) Morgan Schindler both had really big hits and our middles, (senior) Trinaty Jeffers and (junior) Avrie Christiansen both found the floor a lot when our outsides were struggling. It was a well-rounded team effort.” 

Juniors Avrie Christiansen and Morgan Schindler go for the ball during the Tigers’ recent game against St. Joseph Benton. The Tigers won both sets 25-15 and 25-20. KIMBERELY BLACKBURN | Staff photo

The Tigers won both sets 25-10 and 25-19.

Rainey led in kills with 13 with Schindler following with eight. Jeffers added four and Christiansen, two.

Krier added 11 digs and Rainer added nine. Schindler followed with eight, Duseck, five and Christiansen, two. Sophomore Natalie Frese added one digs.

The Tigers hosted St. Joseph Benton Monday. Irons said the Cardinals play well defensively and the Tigers did a good job of adjusting their attack to put the ball where St. Joseph did not have their best passers.

The Tigers won sets 25-15 and 25-20.

The Tigers spiked a total of 19 kills with Rainey leading with nine and Schindler adding five and Christian, three. Jeffers and Frese both added one kill each.

Rainey, Schindler, Frese and Christiansen served two aces each with senior Jill Harris adding one.

Rainey led the Tigers in digs with 11.  Krier added eight, Schindler, four and Burton, two. Harris, Frese and freshman Kyli Crowley each added one.

Irons said the Tigers did a good job controlling the net during the game. She said they did not give the Cardinals many opportunities. Because St. Joseph gave St. Pious X, the team that beat the Tigers early in the season a good game, she said winning this game contained some added benefits.

“This was a good win for us, for us to be able to control the game tonight,” she said. “I think it was a confidence booster for us.”

The Tigers traveled to Oak Grove on Sept. 20 to play the Panthers. 

Irons said the Oak Grove game proved to be a good game for both teams. She said the Tigers did struggle with serve receive. 

Oak Grove won the first set 25-22. Although the Tigers came back to win the second set 25-14, they eventually fell to the Panthers as Oak Grove took the third set 25-19.

Oak Grove jumped out to big leads because we couldn’t control the serve, Irons said.

Senior Rese rainey go in for the kill during the Tigers’ match against St. Joseph Benton. Rainey led the Tigers in kills during the game with nine. KIMBERELY BLACKBURN | Staff photo

Rainey led in kills with 11 with Schindler following with three. 

Rainey also led in aces with five. Schindler and Frese also added one each.

Rainey added 14 digs and Harris, 11. Schindler and Krier followed with nine, Burton with six and Christiansen, four. Jeffers added two digs.

Irons said the Tigers gave Oak Grove easy points off of aces. She said that proves to be deflating mentally and frustrating when the team can’t get into a rhythm.  

“We know we have to the tools to beat that team, we just have to put it together when they come here and get it done,” she said.

Irons said the Tigers continue to improve with each game. 

“We’re playing smarter. A lot of times we think we have to swing hard and just try and pound the other team,” she said. “Sometimes you have to play with a little more finance and just put is where it’s just out of reach.”

The Tigers hosted Pleasant Hill Thursday. Coverage will be included in upcoming issues of The Standard. The Tigers will travel to Grandview Saturday. The game will begin at 9 a.m.

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