The Tiger cross-country team traveled to Raymore-Peculiar Middle School to participate in the Greater Kansas City Cross-Country Classic last Saturday.

The Tiger runners competed against runners from schools of various class sizes on a cool muddy day.

Senior Michael Rebello led the Tiger runners with his time of 16:40.1, putting him in 10th place on the day. Freshman Gavin Wilmes became the second Tiger runner to cross the finish line when he came in at the 19:30.2 mark, putting him in 175th place.

Sophomore Tyler Rumore did not finish far behind when he crossed the line in 19:33.9 for a 179th place finish. Junior Rudy DeLeon became the next Tiger runner to finish when he came in at 20:52.6 for a 210th place finish with senior Zane Lohman following at 21:01.0 for 213th place.

Senior Paxton Mullikin at 21:45.3, freshman Damien McDad at 22:02.3 and junior Gage Bagby at 23:47.7 became the final three Tiger runners to finish the meet.

Junior Jacey Brewer’s time of 22:42.2 that put her in 131st place paced the Lady Tiger runners. Sophomore Macey Chaney crossed not too far behind with a time of 23:21.5 for a 147th place finish. Junior Zacalen Lohman became the third Lady Tiger to cross the finish 24:09.6 for a 164th place finish. Sophomore Lacey Miller crossed the line next for the Tigers, finishing 175th at 24:46.10. Sophomore Ava Ishmael finished within sight of Miller with a time of 25:17.5, putting her 183rd overall. Sophomore Kylie Albertson finished up the Lady Tiger runners with a time of 27:29.8 for 195th place.

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