The middle school cross-country teams traveled to Blue Springs last Thursday, Oct. 3 to participate in the Delta Woods Middle School Invitational last week.

Both teams competed in a mile-and-a-half race. Eighth-grader Mason Wartner led the boys’ A race with his third-place overall finishing time of 9:15.49. Seventh-grader Grayson Grove became the next Tiger runner to finish with his time of 10:41.78 putting him in 39th place. Eighth-grader Lindsay Parkin led the way for the girls’ A race with a time of 10:58.54, finishing in 15th place.

In the boys’ B race, eighth-grader Brayden McKown came in sixth place with the time of 10:26.78, followed by eighth-grader Braedyn Sejkora finishing up in 42nd place with the time of 11:31.04.

Gibson Weaver crossed the finish line next for the Tiger with a time of 11:36.0 for 49th place. Lady Tiger seventh-grader and overall winner Jocelyn Calvert’s time of 11:31.5 led the B race. Seventh-grader Bailey Pearson finished in 16th place with a time of 12:22.76, followed by eighth-grader Lexus Barney’s time of 12:37.95 for 19th place. Eighth-graders Chloe Albertson (12:59.1) and Braylissa Whitworth (13:16.16) and seventh-graders Addison Rubey (16:03.65) and Cassidy Garza (18:08.77) finished up the Lady Tigers runners.

The middle school cross country team traveled to Jesse James Park in Kearney on Monday, Sept. 30 to participate in the Kearney Junior High Invitational.

Runners describe the course at Jesse James Park as a two-mile course taking the runners up and down the hills of the park. It was a challenging course even for those who are experienced runners.

Seven Excelsior girls competed in the B race along with 87 total entrants. Braylissa Whitworth led the for the Lady Tiger runners. She came in with a time of 17:14.01 for 15th place overall. Lexus Barney crossed not far behind as she finished in 18th place with a time of 17:37.07. Audrey Ishmail became the next Lady Tiger runner to cross the finish line with a time of 18:33.99, good enough for 36th place. Chole Albertson’s 41st place finish with the time of 18:56.21 followed. Zoe Rogers (19:13.62), Bailey Pearson (19:46.34), Addison Rubey (23:52.53) and Cassidy Garza(25:59.17) rounded out the Lady Tiger runners in the B event.

The boys would have three runners entered in the B race that also included 104 entrants. Gibson Weaver led the way for the Tigers with a time of 16:01.25 for 38th place on the day. Brayden McKown would not be far behind, as he registered a time of 16:21.76, putting him in 45th position. Braedyn Sejkora would round out the Tiger runners in the B event with a time of 17:36.55 for 68th place.

One runner from each of the boys and girls teams participated in the A race for the day. Lindsey Parkin finished up in 17th place overall with a time of 15:18:25.

The boys would have Mason Wartner competing in the A race and finishing up in fifth place overall with a time of 12:17.41.

The middle school cross country teams traveled to Cameron Tuesday, Sept. 17 to compete at the Cameron Memorial Golf course.

The runners competed on a mile-and-a-half course. Three Tigers medaled at the meet. Eighth-grader Mason Wartner came in third for the boys, eighth-grader Lindsay Parkin came in second place and seventh-grader Jocelyn Calvert finished in seventh place in the girls' race.

The girls’ team placed first overall and the boys came in second place.

Two days later, the team took on the terrain of Platte Ridge Park for the Platte County Invitational. For this meet, the runners took on a tough 1.3-mile course up and down a muddy terrain. Wartner once again led the boys' team, coming in with a time of 8:18.1, for a third-place overall finish. Eighth-grader Brayden McKown and seventh-grader Grayson Grove came next for the Tigers to finish 9:44.8 and 9:45.5, putting them in 34th and 35th position. Eighth-grader Gibson Weaver would check-in in 45th place with a time of 10:15.3. The final Tiger runner to cross the finish line for the boys, eighth-grader Braedyn Sejkora, finished with a time of 11:32.4. The boys finished the day in sixth place overall out of eleven teams.

Parkin’s 9:44.2, seventh-place finish again paced the girls. Eighth-graders Braylissa Whitworth, Zoey Rogers and Lexus Barney came next for the Tigers in 35th, 36th and 37th positions with the times of 11:57.2, 11:57.6 and 11:59.4. Seventh-grader Addison Rubey crossed the finish line last for the Tigers, with a time of 17:15.7. The Lady Tigers finished the meet in fourth place as a team.

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