Throughout the season, community members have been able to vote for their favorite sports player each week. Coaches selected their nominees based on game performance, sportsmanship and outstanding attitudes. To wrap up the spring sports season, each spring coach could select one player each they felt had the best season.

Hundreds of votes came in and eventually selected recently graduated baseball player Marco Martin as ES Standard’s Player of the Season.

Head Baseball Coach Aaron Holst said amongst all the great players on the team, they leaned on Martin throughout his high school career. He said he looks at Martin getting Player of the Season as more of him getting player of his career due to Martin’s many accomplishments including 171 hits throughout his high school career.

“Having 171 career hits is just staggering,” Holst said. “He’s been a model of consistency all four years and it boils down to his work ethic and the way he approaches what he’s done his entire career. He’s a fantastic candidate for this kind of thing. I have full expectations that he’s going to go to Joplin and continue what he’s done here.”

Martin will be continuing his schooling at Missouri Southern State University in Joplin in the fall.

Other players up for player of the season included tennis player Zane Lohman, track athlete Michael Rebello and soccer player Makenzie Kincaid.

Lohman will be one of 10 tennis seniors in the 2019-20 school year. Head Tennis Coach Richie Marsh, who nominated Lohman for Player of the Week earlier in the season, said that Lohman put in extra effort all season.

“Zane was arguably the player who worked the hardest for us once the season began,” Marsh said. “He worked before and after practice most days to try to improve his game. The results of his record showed he had the most wins for the team this season.”

Rebello will also be returning as a senior next year. His coach also nominated him for Player of the Week earlier this season.

During his season Rebello broke many personal records, as well as a few school records. Rebello received the honor of going to KU for their annual relay. Head Coach Jonah Albertson said Rebello really deserved his nomination.

“Michael Rebello is a well deserving candidate for player of the season,” Albertson said. “His hard work in the classroom and in training is remarkable and helped him be at the top of the state, as well as breaking two 20-year-old school records.”

Kincaid, who will be a returning senior next season, earned a Player of the Week nomination twice. Kincaid started her season with an injury that took her out of the game for a little while. Head Soccer Coach Zac Ganzer said Kincaid’s injury only helped her grow.

“She was injured maybe the second or third day of practice,” Ganzer said. “Most people who get injured fall away, but Makenzie was literally right outside the cones and she was always just looking to be involved and asking questions and helping those girls on the field out. She earned all that respect from all those girls and I think it only grew when she got back on the field with the way she handled herself.”

Ganzer said Kincaid really honed in on her soft skills this season, and those soft skills made the team what it was this season. He said after her injuries healed, she turned into a force.

“The way she was just able to communicate with girls who are more experienced and the girls who were new to the program and the ways she was able to get her ideas and points across while at the same time motivating them to mover with her and not against her are just things you can’t measure,” Ganzer said.

“But if you could measure it, it would make a lasting impact on not only the team but our coaching staff.”

Martin said his player of the season nomination came after years of work.

“My successful individual seasons were in the works years before, as were the great seasons we put together as a team."

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