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Soccer team starts season off with a bang

Zach Lawson (7) powered through his St. Joe Lafayette opponents Wednesday afternoon as Connor Williams (5) slipped in to help. Williams completed a hat trick in the Tigers' 6-1 season-opening victory. (Photo by Eric Copeland)

— Eric Copeland,

The Tiger soccer squad started Wednesday night’s game, their first of the 2011 season, with a goal and never let up until the clock ran out.

The 6-1 victory over the St. Joe Lafayette Fighting Irish starts the season off right for the Tigers, who started their 2010 season with 10 straight wins.

Senior Connor Williams was the clear standout in Wednesday’s game, turning in a hat trick by supplying three of the Tigers’ six goals.

Williams’ teammate, Kevin Smith, also came through with what one fan called an “amazing” assist.

“The guys played well,” said Coach Mark Bullimore. “It’s always interesting going into the first game. The guys are excited at getting to play against someone else in a different jersey, but you don’t know what to expect.”

They probably weren’t expecting the heat, which approached 100 degrees with a higher heat index and a field that is none too cool even on a milder day.

“We were having to deal with heat and some cramping,” Bullimore said. “We decided up front that instead of having two straight 40-minute periods, we’d have a five-minute break in between for water and Gatorade. We also took plenty of breaks, and I think it really helped—about 20 minutes into a period, you could see that the players were sucking wind.”

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