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The football team’s bowl ban is the focal point of the NCAA’s sanctions that were upheld Tuesday, but Missouri’s baseball and softball programs are also affected.

Both programs received postseason bans and the same scholarship, budget and recruiting restrictions that the football program received.

Current players Eli Daniel and Emma Raabe, along with recent alum Madi Norman, from the softball team and Konnor Ash from the baseball team responded to the decision on Twitter.

In response to the NCAA’s decision, softball coach Larissa Anderson and baseball coach Steve Bieser both released statements Tuesday.

Anderson and Beiser both coached at different schools in 2015 when the academic misconduct happened that brought on the sanctions. Anderson was at Hofstra and Bieser was at Southeast Missouri.

“I am absolutely heartbroken and disappointed by the committee’s decision to punish a group of 27 current student-athletes who didn’t play any role in this and have done everything right from the very beginning,” Anderson said in her statement. “The NCAA claims to value the student-athlete experience, but this decision continues to cause unnecessary harm to a group of innocent student-athletes. This unjust decision will not deter our program. We have pride in Mizzou, and we will continue to Win it Right as one family.”

And from Bieser: “Our program as a whole is clearly disappointed with today’s news from the NCAA. My heart is specifically broken for this group of student-athletes currently on the team. These student-athletes have done everything right since becoming a Tiger, but yet are cruelly penalized for the actions of one individual from years’ past. While we obviously strongly disagree with the NCAA’s final decision, we will without a doubt rally with each other and make the most of the upcoming 2020 campaign.”

Former Missouri football player Lucas Vincent, now a football and wrestling coach at Olathe West High School in Kansas also tweeted his displeasure with the decision.

So, too, did numerous fans.

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