To be a successful high school student-athlete, it takes more than showing up the first day of practice and expecting to step right in and succeed. 

In the past, coaches would use the first few weeks of school to get their athletes back into shape while also preparing them for competition. Today, student-athletes expect to put in that conditioning work during the summer. They have an expectation to come into day one of practice in shape and ready for sport-specific activities. 

The summer program, Tiger Performance, is lead by various coaches from the district as well as personal trainers from Boost Physical Therapy and Sports Performance. The main focus of the summer program is to use a combination of activities that will increase speed, strength, agility and power. 

During the first week of the program, the athletes were tested in the areas of the bench press, squat, 40-yard dash, broad jump vertical jump and pro agility tests. At the conclusion of the program, they will perform these tests once again to see the gains they have made. 

The student-athlete today has to be willing to put in time out of season if they want to be successful in season. 

“We do it for the banner,” senior volleyball player Morgan Schindler said. “Last year we had a really good season and I think it is because volleyball has some of the most committed people and we are trying to get back to the same spot if not further.” 

When asked why he chose to come three days a week to the program, freshman Broc Dusek said, “I want to try to get better. I want to improve my scores and be the best that I can.” 

Dusek added the most challenging thing about the program was the mental mindset, “getting up in the morning, having the energy, and then repeating it the next day.” 

The Tiger student-athletes have put the time in throughout the summer. They have been out at Tiger Stadium and in the weight room three days a week for 90 minutes each. They have sweat, sacrificed and worked hard to make themselves better athletes. 

As the fall season approaches, the coaches, community and athletes anxiously await to see if all of this energy and effort pay off.

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