No good reason for delaying elections

The April 7 municipal elections that will not happen should have been allowed to happen. “Public health” is the reason given for delaying elections. The excuse sounds praiseworthy, due to concern about the contagion that threatens to kill – based on information coming out of Washington – at least 100,000 Americans. Allowing people to congregate at a polling place, to ignore the rules of social distancing, to put voters and poll workers at risk, is unthinkable. Everyone can agree on that point; however, that is not the point here, which is that the elections should have been allowed to happen and could have been allowed to happen without endangering anyone.

Writer questions labor reform tool

When Missouri legislators passed government labor reforms into law two years ago, they did so to protect the rights of both workers and taxpayers. But does the state currently have the resources necessary to oversee labor agreements made between unions and the government, especially agreements made at the local level? Evidence uncovered by the Show-Me Institute suggests not.

Clay-Ray Veterans Association thanks Cub Pack 309


The veterans of our township wish to thank Cub Pack 309 for their patriotic gifts we were given to celebrate Veterans Day.

As veterans, we appreciate the importance of education and skills needed as adults.

On your journey to becoming Eagle Scouts, we know you will gain the knowledge and skills that will serve you well as citizens of our great nation.

Thank you,

Clay-Ray Veterans Association

Ron Wetzel - Board Chairman